My name is Hakim and I’m from the Lion City, SINGAPORE! I.LOVE.FOOD.CATS.NATURE.

Believe me when I say that I tried to write this About in a grandiloquent way but that wouldn’t be true to the purpose of this blog . This blog gonna be as authentic and genuine as possible. You can only expect only honest reviews here. Ain’t nobody got time to kiss ass here. I believe in being true in what I post. I love food with all my heart and it’s be disingenuous of me to say something is nice solely because it’s cheap or I’m promoting something for someone. Nop. Ain’t about that life.

I’m writing this blog because I loove food alott. Too much actually. Food has always been a major part of my life. Seeing the dedication and passion that goes into cooking, especially by my grandmother, made me fall deeply in love with food. Coming into what I feel the new age of food in Singapore is really exciting . I’m truly eager to see what it does and where it go. Not only we have some bomb classics but now we have fusion and crossovers emerging. That is some gud ish. There is nothing I love more than variety!

I hope through this blog, you and I can learn more about the evolving and exploring our vibrant and energized food scene. This will be like a Food Diary for me and you. I’m no expert. I’m not a food connoisseur. What I am is a young teen who has a deep passion to learn and find only da Crème de la Crème! This blog will feature different mini food series and midnight rants on the side. Tea sippin and controversial posts would emerge from time to time but fret not, the food will most definitely be the centerpoint of this blog.

I know I’m pretty wordy but I can’t help it. So take look around and I hope you enjoy! Stick around also ah!


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