Little Angels


I know, I’ve been gone for about a month+. I have been super duper busy with school and all that jazz. Didn’t quite have the time to take the necessary pictures for the drafts I have completed and I don’t want to, you know, take someone else’s photos. I promise once the exams are all out of the way, I’ll get back on schedule!

During my hiatus, something very special happened. Very special indeed. After waiting 3 months, they finally arrived! Who are they? WELL see it for yourself!!!!


2017-08-19 15.31.26
2017-08-19 15.30.56-1
Done with life since two weeks old
2017-08-19 15.28.39
Sleeping beauty
2017-08-19 15.30.48
T-rex or kitten?


YAS! MY LITTLE ANGELS! My beautiful Queen, Ariel, gave birth a just little over two weeks ago.


So adorable (Fun Fact: this is the first photo I ever took with my camera)

I love love love cats. Cats are bae. Cats are loyal and loving, unlike most people I know. (For realz) Cats>Humon

Ariel is very protective. She would hide the kittens all over the bloody house. Under the chair, table, cupboard, washing machine and even the toilet. Every time we want to go near the kittens, she would meow so much like my goodness calm down. 

Bruno on the other hand, the father, cannot give two shits about the kittens. He couldn’t care less about his children. He sees the kittens and would go, “meh” and walk off. I guess irresponsible fathers runs in our family. 

The kittens are learning how to walk now so they are fumbling and tumbling around. It’s the most adorable thing I’ve seen. They would also crawl up to you and suckle. I think it thinks there’s milk somewhere?? The kittens also would sleep in my arms or stomach for warmth. My heart just.melts. They have cute little meows and they look so pure. I can’t wait for them to grow up!

This like an update post for y’all. I can’t wait to post the drafts I have! Till then, have a great week ahead and hope to see you on the next food post! BYES!






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  1. Marc-André says:

    Oh my gosh. They are soooo adorable. If you ever fancy doing a guest post for us let me know. 😀


    1. Why thank you! I sure will hit you guys up sometime in the future! 😀


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