My thoughts on feminism

DISCLAIMER: This is just what I think and what I observe. By no means am I saying that what I say is the absolute truth because truth varies from person to person. This is just what I think as a 17 year old boy. I am no expert but just my take on it.

It is sad that feminism, which was a worthy cause to fight for, mutated into this toxic movement filled with self-entitled, self-absorbed and almost hateful movement for a bunch of selfish and privileged people that forcefully shove it down other people’s throat if they don’t agree with them. It was a movement to liberate women back in the 19th and 20th century. It was meant to give women the freedom to chose what they want to do with their body and life. Women got to vote and have equal pay. That’s amazing. The work 1st wave and 2nd wave feminist did was revolutionary and should be proudly celebrated.

However now, in the 21st ( AHAHHAHA I spelled this wrongly) century, it’s really not as important as most third-wave feminist make it out to be. Is there gender discrimination? OF COURSE. BUT is it as bad as before? NO. There’s always going to be some type of discrimination. It’s something that is just part of human nature. It does not make sense that people who are fighting for supposed “freedom” are oppressing people just because they are not in-line with their movement and have opposing opinions. How are you going to preach about liberation of women by shutting down others. I have no problem with men having equal rights as women but the equal opportunities does not mean equal outcomes. Here’s some examples.


This is an argument that a lot of third-wave feminist use. However, there are tons of studies disproving the fact that there’s a pay gap. All of it boils down to the degree they took, the lifestyle choices, the average working hours between the two sexes and the men tend to be more ambitious when it comes to their careers. Am i saying all employers are fair. Come on, of course not. Like i said earlier , discrimination will never go away BUT is it a humongous problem? NO. Equal opportunities does not mean equal outcome. People complaining that there is no enough women in a certain field, why don’t you take a degree in that field then. Maybe women aren’t just interested to work in that field in generally. It does not mean that the people in that field are sexist (this also), is just not a lot of women like to work in that field. Is their choice.


  • “I Believe all rape victims”

This has to be one of the most stupidest, incoherent and ridiculous statement I have ever heard. It makes the assumptions that women are incapable of lying. They are many reported cases of women who had sex and then regretted it afterwards and classifying that as rape. Lord be with me. There are even more cases of women accusing men of rape which they didn’t commit. Their lives ruined. Just like that. YET I have heard NOTHING about these cases from feminist. It’s absurd. Why is there no social media uproar? Why is there no marches or #hashtags? The argument that men can’t get rape also just. My brain cannot handle this. So is rape only exclusive to females?


Darling dear, if you had one to begin with, I would. I honestly don’t care what people wear. You can wear panties and bra but I don’t care. As long as you dress appropriately with respect to the context of the social setting you are in then fine. Wearing a bra to a funeral or lingerie during a job interview is a no no boo. How you dress do influence how people think of you. Wearing the hijab doesn’t mean you’re oppressed and wearing short and a bra doesn’t mean you’re free either because if you are forever fixated with what society thinks of the way you dress, you can never be free. People are forever going to say shit about the way you dress but it is really up to you whether you want to take it or not. I believe everybody should be respectful of one another and the choices they make if it isn’t negatively affecting another person. That’s a people issue though not a gender issue. In the Asian context as well, if you don’t dress conservatively , you gonna get stares. Is just the way it is. Is it wrong? It depends how you look at it. But the new generation is gonna take over and soon all this will change.

There is other issues as well such as breast feeding and double standards but this will turn into a 5000 word long essay. Feminism isn’t as relevant in the modern and first-world countries. There are many places such as Conga where there is a serious rape crises or places in Africa where female genital mutilation (FGM) is still common. I don’t hear this shit at all from THIRD WAVE FEMINIST and it pisses me off. I just wish they would pay more attention to these places instead of themselves. There are more pressing issues to deal with.

In case you think I hate feminism, I do consider myself a egalitarian which means I am also a feminist . Am I a good one? I don’t think so because there is so much that I need to learn. That’s why I am taking psychology to learn more about people and the way society works. I am very sad that Feminism, a brilliant movement for the liberation of women, turned into this toxic movement. Feminism is now a joke to many people. I have friends that would constantly mock feminism(but the irony is they embody the undesirable traits of third wave feminist) It’s sad that the great work of many feminist are not appreciated and recognized.

This is my 2 cents about it. Maybe my views will change over time.(Yes people views and opinions change over time. It’s called growing and maturing.” If you disagree with what I say, please comment below( i doubt anyone will read in the first place). I want to hear other opinions to get a different perspectives on it. Don’t worry, I won’t put you down cause you have a different opinion like some “open minded” people do. I hope I see all three of you this sunday for another food post and till then, BYE.



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  1. Kim says:

    You go gurl


  2. Anak Beyoncè says:

    I disagree with everything this whole post is trash i r8 1/10 because you threw shade at me deleteyour blog loser


    1. dear anak beyonce, why do you disagree with my post?


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