Life as a psychology student

This week marks my first week as a psychology student and ohh boiii I got things to tell you. Obviously I won’t be able to tell you a whole lot but this is just what I experienced so far and I think it’s interesting enough to share.

First of , it’s a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by people who are interested in the subject and wants to learn. Most of my classmate are there by choice. They each have their own reasons that motivated them to come here and it’s nice to be surrounded by people who is genuinely interested to learn. BUT can I just say that i feel like an idiot around all these smart people. LIKE my goodness, i have to plan what I say and think it through thoroughly  so that I don’t run a risk of sounding like a tool.

For you secondary school students who is wondering , ” Should I go to Psychology?” , let me tell you what our lecturer told us. If you are not passionate about serving the community and helping people, this isn’t the course for you. If you think this will bring yo you a lot of money, it doesn’t. You get a starting pay of $4800. Mind you , this is after getting your masters. It is possible to earn a lot however it is a bit difficult. So, if you don’t mind earning enough to just live relatively comfortably and is also passionate to serve the community , this is definitely is for you. It’s also worth noting that , skills you learn here is transferable. So if you change  your mind halfway through, its alright lah brother.

So far , lessons is quite interesting. we get learn roughly about how society works , how to take different perspectives and about how you and I work. As of current, the classes are interesting and also refreshing. For 10 years of just learning English, science and math , we finally get to study something that peaks our interest. It’s pretty content heavy and right from the get go, we have a lot of assignments  . It may seem like you have a ton of time but once you put all the assignments you need to do and the research required, you soon realize that time isn’t your friend. I am excited and scared but I think I wont do tooooooo bad.

That is all i have for you guys today. Wordy and long-winded I know but i cant help it ohkay. I promise my future blog posts will look better. BYE and have a fantastic week ahead!


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