Real shit

Like I mentioned before, this blog will somewhat also be my diary. All the food stuff will be on Sunday and if anything interesting happens, I’ll write about it and post it up even if it is not Sunday.

Let’s get going shall we? Today I went to Little India to distribute gelato to workers who have been abandoned by their employer or workers who is currently facing salary disputes and many other problems. Why? The place i work at currently, Birds of Paradise, decided to collaborate with TWC2(transient workers counts too) to give out free ice cream on top of the free meals they getting from their coupons. Edwin , my boss, is very passionate about serving and giving back  to the community. He emphasized to the staff that Birds of Paradise is not just solely a business but we also want to be involved in the community. Even though it is just ice cream, we hope that it may sweeten their day up a little.

So after my class ended, i made my way from Ngee Ann polytechnic to Isthana Restaurant, where the food distribution was going to take place. After all the admin stuff was done by the two organizers , we began our operation. One by one came and some where very shy and some were really meh about it but they all had kindness radiating from their bodies. Some were really excited and acted like little kids and is that innocence that is so precious.  Boy ,320 cups were not enough. We could have served at least 50 more people but sadly we did not have enough to give every single one. This is just ice cream, and just think about the amount of food they must have packed at the restaurant for those number of workers.

One of the organizers , Debbie, came up to Edwin , Angelyn(my friend) and I to thank our services and told us about the cause and the big problem that Singapore is not addressing.  There is too much for me to type so i shall leave a link below so please check that out if you want to help and know more. The mistreatment and unfairness must be put to a stop and that we as a society cannot move on without ensuring every individual rights is being taken care off. There are 1 million foreign workers. That is 1/5 of Singapore’s population and majority of those 1 million is being heavily mistreated. I highly suggest you guys click on the link to read up more about the issue.

In spite of the many hurdles and challenges Debbie has to face, she doesn’t summit as she refuses to admit defeat. She fights without wanting nothing, absolutely nothing in return. She only wants the workers to be happy and to ensure that their rights are protected. She is the embodiment of kindness, compassion, resilience, selflessness and humility. She told us that she does not think her effort is enough and I was just in awe by how humble she is. To give your all and dedicated your whole life to something and to think what you doing is not enough. That is the epitome of humility. I was genuinely in awe at how amazing of a human being she was and i was so inspired.  She is what i want to be when i grow up.

Please do check out this link here:

I wrote this not to just encourage you to go and help that cause. However , is to make you guys think about how privilege we are and there are many things we still need to improve on in Singapore. The government may not want to place emphasis on it however it does not mean we should follow suit. Be nice the next time you see a construction worker because you do not know half the bullshit they go through. Be nice. Be kind. Be loving.

I could write more but too much is too much. I wish you guys a blessed week ahead and I will see you on the next post.


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